Jessica, 18. I smoke way too many cigarettes and my relationship with alcohol is unhealthy. Instagram: Jessica_addi
it’s about who you miss at 2 in the afternoon when you’re busy, not 2 in the morning when you’re lonely. (via azul-estrellas)

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anxiety is terrible, you could be having an attack and no one would even know because it’s an inward thing. it feels like you’re malfunctioning and you can’t process your own thoughts. you get a knot in your stomach and you can’t take a full breath but outwardly you can literally just sit there and look completely normal as long as no one tries to speak to you.

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Anonymous: You're really beautiful

Thank you💕

  • Me: Is there such thing as a nipple reduction?
  • Jessica: Lemme stop you right there. No guy is gonna be like "Oh fuck your nipples I can't even."
We were never friends; not for a second. I loved you. Orange Is The New Black (via ohfairies)

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